sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010

Educational Background:

I got by MSc (Master of Science) degree in Computer Technology at Uppsala University, Sweden, 1979. I am very proud about that. Before that, my Bachelor of Science I got at Uppsala University, Sweden, on the year of 1977.

Employment History:

At this moment I work at WB INTERNET, Rio de Janeiro, with Internet/Intranet using Linux servers, Ascend MAX station, routers, serial devices, wireless radios, etc.
I do works in the following sets:
Linux kernel customization, samba (Windows NT server-like) work under Linux, Novell Netware (mars-nwe) server under Linux, Remote Access, SSL, Web/Java, HTML, DHTML, PHP/FI (PHP3).
I use perl and PHP language intensively, shell (Bash Unix shell) programming, awk, sed, etc.
Until 1995 I worked and supervisioned hardware manufacturing, microcomputers assembly and other computers' related products.
At 1991 I worked with computer boards development, production and quality test.
Between 1980 and 1986 I worked most with development of products to I/F printers and video terminals with IBM cluster network (3274/3276).
In Sweden, between 1978 and until the end of 1979 I worked at AutoTank, at Stockholm, with bensinstation automation.

Other Related Skills:

I know in depth computers OS, like Unix, Linux, DOS, Windows, Netware and others.
Assembly language is not a secret for me. At AutoTank we used 8085 assembly language. Since then I worked with 6800, Z80, 8X305 (Signetics), 8088, and 8x86 assembly language.
High level languages: I have worked with C language, Fortran, dBase, Pascal, COBOL, Simula, PHP and others.

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